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Waiting for miracle

When you just wait a letter,
From miracle, the world
Around you, seems you better
The winter isn’t cold
The day before the Christmas
The window, painted with frost,
The night before the Christmas
You know, I love it most
The snow-world is waiting
For you to walk around
Your friends in front are smiling…
The Christmas-lovely sound!
In windows, shops, at squares
In happy people’s hearts
There are so shiny fir-trees
It’s important for us!
For kids, for teens and adults
There are some presents in the house
The words from them, who love us
Warms ill and bored hearts
It’s day, which we were waiting
The day of our dreams
The miracle is coming
To our souls, it seems!

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От Эльма
The author is in love,it is obvious and it is ok!I can say also that the author is very religious person!
So,thank you for your pure soul!
16/11/2007 14:22
От Nika
I can't say, that I'm very religious person, but I believe in God, it's true! And, of course I am in love!!!

Thank you for your words!
21/11/2007 15:05
От Dr Otto
Yeah i like it mostly
but what the hell do u mean by writing it? do u really think that the kindness of the poem will be able to change goddam people's hearts?

Even if lots of morons are thinking of it, nothing will be changed.
29/04/2007 08:10
От Nika
Why do you think that the hearts of people are goddam? If you don't believe in the magic of the winter evening, believe just in this poem, that was written to wake up the dream in the hearts of people, who understand me.
29/04/2007 11:20
От Dr Otto
Why do u accuse hell out of me? I mean what are u talking about if u even haven't tried to undrestand me! What lets me say that lousy people's hearts are goddam is that there is no kindness in their hearts. A vast damp majority of our people are dopey guys which don't know even that a man may be good-, kind-hearted. You see? It doesn't mean that I don't believe in the goddam magic of your phony winter evening. You misunderstood me. Not kidding.
29/04/2007 21:35
От Margo
Brilliant! in terms of copying the prototype.
08/06/2007 15:38
Oh,realy,this is very sunny braight poem!!!!!!!!!
P.S Клевое стихотворение,извиняюсь за грамматику,как слышу,так и пишу.
10/03/2007 20:30
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