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4 1983-2000


Konstantin Kedrov-Chelishchev
4 poetic manifestos of meta-metaphor 1983-2000
Computer of love 1-2-3-4

The sky is the height of a gaze
A gaze is the depths of the sky

Pain is the touch of God
God is the touch of pain

A breath out is the depth of one in
A breath in is the height of one out

Light is the voice of silence
Silence is the voice of light
Blackness is radiance screaming
Radiance is the silence of blackness

A rainbow is the gladness of light
Thoughts are the muteness of souls

Light is the depth of knowledge
Knowledge is the height of light

The stallion is a creature of space
The housecat is a creature of time
Time is space curled into a ball
Space is the stallion unfurled

Housecats are the wild cats of space
Space is the time of wild cats

Pushkin is a thief of time
Pushkins verse is the time of the thief

The sun is the body of the moon
The body is the moon of love

A steamship is an iron wave
Water is the steamship of the wave

Sorrow is the emptiness of space
Joy is the fullness of time
Time is the sorrow of space
Space is the fullness of time

A person is the other side of the sky
The sky is the other side of a person

A touch is the boundary of a kiss
A kiss is touch unbound

A woman is the viscera of the sky
A man is the sky of viscera

A woman is mans space
The time of women is the space of men

Love is a breath from eternity
Eternal life is a moment of love

A ship is the computer of memory
Memory is the ship of a computer

The sea is the space of the moon
Space is the sea of the moon

The sun is the moon of space
The moon is the time of the sun
Space is the sun of the moon
Time is the moon of space
The sun is the space of time

Stars are the voice of the night
Voices are the stars of the day

The quay of the whole sea is a ship
The quay of the whole ship is the sea

Skin is a constellation drawn
A constellation is a drawing of skin

Christ is the sun of the Buddha
The Buddha is the moon of Christ

Sun time is measured by moon space
Moon space is sun time

The horizon is the width of a gaze
A gaze is the depth of the horizon
Height is the border of sight

A prostitute is the bride of time
Time is the prostitute of space

The palm is a boat for a bride
A bride is a boat for a palm

A camel is the boat of the desert
The desert is a boat for a camel

Love is the inevitability of eternity
Eternity is the inevitability of love

Beauty is the hatred of death
Hatred of death is beauty

Orions stars are the blade of love
Love is the blade of Orions stars

Ursa Minor is the space of Ursa Major
Ursa Major is the time of Ursa Minor

The North Star is the focal point of a gaze
A gaze is the width of the sky
The sky is the height of a gaze
A thought is the depth of night
Night is the width of a thought

The Milky Way is the way to the moon
The moon is the Milky Way unfurled
Every star is a delight
Delight is every star

The space between the stars
Is time without love
Love is time filled up with stars
Time is the solid star of love

People are interstellar bridges
Bridges are interstellar people

The desire for fusion is travel by flight
Flight is continuous fusion
Fusion is the propulsion for flight
A voice is something tossed to another

Fear is the lifelines end at the edge of the palm
Lack of understanding is lamentation for a friend
A friend is the understanding of lamentation

The distance between people is filled with stars
The distance between stars is filled with people

Love is the speed of light
Inversely proportional to the distance between us
The distance between us
Inversely proportional to the speed of light
Is love





Computer of Love 2

Conductor of Silence

I am the conductor of silence
The orchestra is an acoustic frame
The notes, forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge
And all the instruments, variations on the treble key

The stave is an acoustic cage for birds
The birds are notes breaking free
A symphony is a flock of birds
And opera a vault of voices

The five horizons are a line on the stave
And a score, a field sown with budding notes
A piano is an expanse of silence
A harp is a snare for sound

The violin is a wooden treble key
The bow, a wanderer of strings
Fingers are wanderers along piano keys
Piano keys are fissures of silence

Fate is the melody of life
The soul, the space between two skins
The drum is a Christian instrument:
Strike the right cheek, it offers the left

A voice is a cluster of airborne touches
Singing is the soft touch of sound
Strings are a rainbow of sounds
Timpani, drum skins in flight

Classical is music by people for people
Avant-garde is music by angels for gods

Harmony is the logic of sound
The sky is sheet music for stars
Galaxies are treble keys
The Moon and Sun are timpani of light

The Earth is an orchestra pit
Silence, sheet music full of notes to overflowing
The Milky Way is the line on a palm
Fate, the palm of the heavenly conductor
The night sky is the pianos lid lifted up


Computer of Love 3

Memory is the past in the present
The present is the past in the future

the past is future today
the future is today in the past

a palindrome is future and past in present
future and past in present is a palindrome

a miracle is the chance of happiness
happiness is the chance of a miracle

a voice is stillness speaking
stillness is a silent voice

christ is a cross on a body
a body is Christ on a cross

the dead are the living in the past
the living are the dead in the present

mortals are immortals in the present
immortals are mortals in the past

an hour is a second in the past
a second is an hour in the present

love is the joy of a dual body
joy is a dual body

shadow is the interior of light
light is the surface of shadow

with brawn you dont need brains
with brains you dont need brawn

the abyss is the music of the shriek
music is a call from the abyss

the mind is thinking water
a thought is a trail on water, left by god

a thought is the joy of imagination
imagination is the joy of thought

god is man in the past present and future
man is god in the future or past

intuition is mans conjecture on god
a thought is gods conjecture on man

plato is socrates in the law
socrates is christ in athens

myth is the confession of god
reason is the border of meaning

the past is the present unwillingly left
the future unexpected, impossible

wisdom is understanding god
god is the possibility of meaning

philosophy is a festival of thinking
a thought is god, smiling

fascism is death in the law
communism, the laws of death

a model of reason is the meaning of sorrow
the sorrow of reason is the meaning of the model

the devil is a mistake by god

two lovers are the body of god
a sea of lovers is two

the sea is a prayer of sound
sound is the prayer of the sea

a full moon is the sun of thought

polygamy is a panorama of openings
monogamy, the opening of a panorama

a mirror is a reply by light
a line is the border between

the shore is the exterior sea
the sea, the interior shore

the past is yesterday today
the future is today tomorrow

a thermometer is a jack of mercury
mercury, the tears of metal

the brain is a cluster of thoughts from the sea
the sea, an expanse of the brains convolutions

a body is a mortal flame
flame is an eternal body

time is today in the past
eternity, always today



Computer of Love 4

Music is the beginning of meaning
Meaning, the last note of a song

Life is the other side of death
Death is the other side of life

Joy is the flight of sorrow
Sadness, the sorrow of flight

The sun is the possibility of light
Light is the possibility of Sun

Joy is a game with ones self
Games are the freedom of happiness

A holiday is escape from monotony
Monotony is a forgotten holiday

A cloud is a soul made of vapor
The soul is vapor in flight

Tears are human salt
Salt is crystal feeling

Passion is the bars on a tigers hide
A tiger in a cage is the passion of passion

The sky is a nest for flight
A nest is the sky for inspiration

People are silly children
Children are silly people

The pendulum is a gauge of passion
Passion is the pendulum's downward fall
The pendulum is love in flight

Mystery is the beginning of meaning
Meaning is the beginning of mystery

The cosmos is an infinite body
The body is a finite cosmos

God is a mist within a mist
Vapor is the soul of the mist

Passion is the pendulum, freed
The amplitude is the freedom of passion

Jerusalem is the time of Rome
Rome is the space of Jerusalem





In the distant 20th century

In the distant 20th century
The malignant KGB
Dogs me, tracking every step
While within myself I remain

In the distant 20th century
I love you like I do today
But here my parents have disappeared
And the hour of death awaits

In the distant 20th century
Beneath the living sky
Abide my mother
and my father
And the life in which I never die



" ..."


How Id like to be,
in my non-being,
in my tomorrow
where you are not and will not be,
to be only non-being

The blue sky of non-being
extends, as if it were Chanyshev
on two immense wings:
Being is not Non-being is

Chanyshev, known as Passerby
Granted me a Diploma at Iodkovskys salon
And wrote upon it with a shaking hand:
Let the reward for your labors be
The divine fate of Mandelshtam.

O Chanyshev
O Treatise on Non-being
O Edmund Iodkovsky
felled by a car in the night
for his friendship with Starovoytova,
herself struck down by a machine gun round
Being is not
But Chanyshev is






Night Sun

The sun still shines in darkest night
And death is not life disappeared-
Just, like the sun, for now concealed
beneath the line of lights horizon

I know they still live, my mother and father
and the horizon lies within my heart
it is within my heart they are hidden;
in my heart alone are they risen

This heart is the grave of the Lord
the myrrh bearers drawing near
4 Marys
4 Marys stand at the open grave of my heart
not empty at all, but full of life
there my mother and father will never die
there a diamond mountain of love rises high,
peak ascending inward

Ignorance will end
knowledge, never
Hatred will end
love, never
idiocy is finite
the mind is forever
Those who see the midnight sun
See eternity

Those who see it rise from the down side of sunset
Know it sets from the upside of sunrise
Sunset rushes to sunrise, and sunrise to sunset
Sunrise-sunset are two wings of one light
Sunrise in the west is sunset in the east

Those who see morning in the evening
and evening in the morning
See eternal morning
And evening eternal

For the sun there is no night
For the night there is a sun

The mind of the sun will always shine
Emit always to all the light of thought
The midnight sun will not disappear
The mind is a sun that never sets


let time draw me close
with invisible arms
like the ocean enfolds
the swimmer swimming away
while the swimmer
holds the ocean
there is no more time
and space ceases to be
there is only the endless door
in an endless room
that I open and open
and open



a meta-metaphor is an
amphora for new meaning
like a steamship
within one horsepower
like a team of horses in a steamship

the pier has become the ship
the ship has become the pier

a rainbow from all horizons
a honeybee burdened
only by flight

like a cohort of snowflakes
leaving for Gaul
sifting into icy drifts
stepping frozen
into summer

Leto in Lethe alighting
from summer to summer flying

striking the timpani in time with the
tauromachy of Andromache
over an airfield
whose entire fleet
has long since
flown away.


= 0

= 0

/ 2d

/ =

The Formula of Love

Mayakovsky converges on Lilya Brik
Lily Brik on many
or to polyandry
where the square root of Khlebnikov = Kruchenykh
and Kruchenykh squared = Khlebnikov
where Dostoyevsky is (not) equal to Tolstoy
and Tolstoy converges on infinity
where Pushkin multiplied by Gogol = 0
while Gogol converges on Pushkin
and Pushkin converges nowhere
or = 0
where the sum of the angles
of Voznesenkys triangular pear is greater/less than
and the triangle always curves
and the pear is as sweet
as Adams apple
in Eves throat
where Adam converges on Eve, Eve on Adam
where Adam X Eve = himself
where Eve/Adam = Adam

The Formula of Love (alternate with symbols)

Mayakovsky ; Lilya Brik
Lily Brik ; many
or to polyandry
where ;Khlebnikov = Kruchenykh
and Kruchenykh2 = Khlebnikov
where Dostoyevsky =(?) Tolstoy
and Tolstoy ;infinity
where Pushkin ; Gogol = 0
while Gogol ; Pushkin
and Pushkin ; nowhere
or = 0
where the sum of the angles
of Voznesenkys triangular pear is >/<
and the triangle always curves
and the pear is as sweet
as Adams apple
in Eves throat
where Adam ; Eve, Eve ;Adam
where Adam ; Eve = himself
where Eve/Adam = Adam



Billy Graham, or Exceptions

O seize belief deceit O rein O weight
O childhood years in grammar class
I travel from you towards a different time
That I know will never come to pass

I recite the lists of exceptions
More meaningful than I expect
The same belief within, aflame
And the same hand guiding the reins

But still the grief, deceit, the weight
The weight of belief the grief of the weight
And the life of animals and of course Brehm
And the weight of life and of course Billy Graham

I spoke with him for two full hours
And the time in passing flew:
Gods word, he says, will lift you up
And by the Bible was his soul made new

O my pious interlocutor
The hero of songs yet unsung
From dawn at his Bible while I slumber on
And always endure, endure, endure

Become, become, begin, begun
Fight and fought, forget, forgot
Fall, fell, take, took,
Lose, lost; withstand, withstood

Christ and Christopher

Christ and Christopher, two holy names
Of Jesus walking on the water
Amid lands unknown Columbus sails
His course a straight line, unaltered


Malevichs Grave

The Suprematist grave of Malevich
is no place for inhumation
it is a place for resurrection