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Letters About Nothing

Автор оригинала:
Ольга Островская
Оригинал http://obshelit.ru/works/92320/

What is a strange place? –
No trace, no mark;
I can’t see your face;
It’s empty and dark.
Is it night or day?
You are my heart-stamp, –
This secret will stay
Between me and lamp.

You left me one date.
I cannot escape
From hopeless trouble,
And it separates
Me from you by space,
By thunder and noise...
I look for your trace.
Do hear my voice!

You may be will ask:
«Well, what can I have?» –
The Moon in a dusk
As part of myself,
And also the wind
Blowing in your face
(You may breath by it
Or put in your case).

I want be the Sun
As bright as my Love,
Which may warm and scan
When it is above,
Which loving you while
You come in or out,
And lighting the letter,
Which’s nothing about.

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От Рапна
Оля, спасибо! Вот я и аглицкий вспомнила )))
07/05/2009 14:45

Марина, рада, Вам спасибо! Будем вспоминать вместе! :))
07/05/2009 18:22
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